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About MaidInNigeria

Maid in Nigeria was created out of a need to provide verifiable, vetted and reliable domestic staff to the Nigerian populace. Due to the busy lifestyle of the average Nigerian, we are increasingly dependent on a little extra support to ensure we can continue to grow our careers, while being able to support our families. While we do not provide the domestic staff's ourselves, we provide the platform through which vetted domestic staff can be sourced. We highly recommend that anyone sourcing domestic staff through our portal ensures that all the information provided for the said domestic staff are checked out. While we understand the need to use the services of agents in a more diverse world compared to the old traditional setting, a little more can be done to provide a level of comfort and assurance in the process of sourcing this most essential of services.

"In summary, Maid In Nigeria helps to provide access to vetted domestic servants.

Vetted Bio-data

Bio-Data & Background Check

maidinnigeria.com.ng will provide the bio-data, including pictures, of all domestic staffs.

Vetted Guarantor


All agents registering domestic staffs through the maidinnigeria.com.ng platform will be required to provide verifiable Guarantor information for all wards.

Vetted Medical Test

Medical Report

Reports on medical tests such as HIV, HP, pregnancy and chest x-ray for TB will be made available.

Vetted Reference


Through the maidinnigeria.com.ng portal you will be able to get verifiable previous employment references for all domestic staffs .